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Hands-on Workshops
Ticket price for each workshop: $39 | Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

Download: Hands-On Workshops: PDF | Word

Thursday, March 2
11:00 am – 12:50 pm
Ticket price for each workshop: $39 | Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

A Place in Your Heart: Exploring the Work of Thomas Lyon Mills
Using Thomas Lyon Mills as their inspiration, participants will create a mixed media work of art using pentimento and frottage that is both stunning as well as complex. Incorporating the artist’s techniques of subtraction and addition, pentimento and frottage, as well as soft and oil pastels and India ink, participants will have the opportunity to explore new, or at least unfamiliar, mediums while at the same time creating a very personalized work of art.
Presenters: Patricia Belleville, Katelin Portz, Kelsey Thrush

Homemade Gelatin Plates. How to Make it Work for 20+ Students
Instructional Practice
A fun and fast-paced workshop that will bring science and inquiry into the art studio by using gelatin and glycerin in a process that is easy to replicate in the classroom. Combine science and art with homemade gelatin plates that print on paper, fabric, or clay! Leave with video links, a portfolio of prints, and a homemade gelatin plate.
Presenters: Maggie Carberry Pasquan, Katie Thurston

Tet[R]ad: Draw and Play Here—Collaborative Journal Exchange Workshop
Committee on Lifelong Learning Issues Group
Participants are introduced to the international visual journal exchange project known as tet[R]ad, and invited to get involved and engage in a one-to-one journal exchange with another art educator. Participants will be encouraged to openly share their drawings, writings, collages, opinions, and experiences as they make connections through collaboration and dialogue with an artistic accomplice.
Presenters: Samuel Peck, David Modler

Using Visual Journals to Build ELA Skills in the Artroom
Arts Integration
Research indicates that students who have strong visual and verbal connections expand their vocabulary and improve the quality of their writing. This workshop will focus on visual journaling, which combines images and text and allows students to make important connections. Create journal pages inspired by prompts that build ELA skills. Use paper, watercolors, etc., and acquire tangible items and ideas for classroom implementation.
Presenter: Leslie Gould

Building Communities of Change Through Urban Sketching
Community Arts Caucus Issues Group
Participants will develop a deep understanding of urban sketching and it's potential for building communities of change. After a brief discussion, presenters will demonstrate urban sketching techniques and lead participants out into the field near the Convention site to sketch and build relationships.
Presenters: Scott Renk, Angela Lombardi Zappala

What is the Relationship Between Art, Social Justice, and Action?
Arts Integration
In this workshop we will share how Art Based Research (ABR) supports social justice practice. Participants will build notebooks, play with thinking routines, and participate in art exercises to tackle charged issues.
Presenters: Caren Andrews, Jennifer Stuart

Un-Purposing the Artroom… With Purpose!
Instructional Practice
Two artmaking activities inspire creativity, as we un-purpose common school art media and explore the artmaking potential of unexpected materials through playful experimentation that allows failure and celebrates success!
Presenter: Lucy Bartholomee

Recyclable, Inexpensive, Fun, and Creative—PizzArte: Using Pizza Boxes to Create Paintings and 3-D Art
PizzArte is a curriculum designed around using pizza boxes for both canvases and 3-D design. Pizza boxes can easily be primed to work like a canvas using both acrylic and oil paint, watercolor, colored pencils, and charcoal. Pizza boxes are recyclable, affordable, non-intimidating, fun, and creative—and they come in a variety of sizes.
Presenter: Jeannine Miller

Marvelous Monotypes!
Instructional Practice
Come learn about the amazing history and process of monotype printmaking. Explore different processes of monotype printmaking, create vibrant monotype prints, and learn about integrating the method into your classroom.
Presenter: Sean Murphy

Steampunk; Inventor's Safety Goggles/Creativity Detectors
Participants will customize a pair of safety goggles according to the Steampunk aesthetic of design. Steampunk 101 states that every Inventor (that's YOU!) needs a pair of safety goggles. Start with a pair of welding goggles, and leave with a pair of Creativity Detectors! Participants only need to bring a sense of humor and creativity.
Presenter: Erica Wright

Forced Proximity, Building Community in the Classroom
Forced Proximity is a workshop focused on leading a group of participants through a series of conventional/non-conventional drawing activities and material uses. The primary goal will be to utilize drawing as a means of developing a sense of community through an artmaking process.
Presenter: John Zilewicz

Thursday, March 2
1:30 – 3:20 pm
Ticket price for each workshop: $39 | Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

Rube Goldberg in the Art Room
Explore the world of Rube Goldberg—the grandfather of STEAM! Build a Rube Goldberg machine and learn how engineering principles can be used in the art room and beyond!
Presenter: Janine Napierkowski

Design Thinking as a Problem-Solving Process: 5 Hands-On Participatory Activities
Design Issues Group
This workshop will define design thinking; identify cycles; review objectives; identify terms, challenges and obstacles; and enhance your art and design curriculum through hands-on artmaking activities using the design thinking model. Teach students to become independent, innovative, and thoughtful decision-makers. Apply the design thinking cycle in which problems are identified, and solutions proposed, produced, and evaluated. Participate in design activities to explore process.
Presenter: Rande Blank

Comics as Reflective Practice
Instructional Practice
Comics are great for expression and storytelling, and also for reflection! Learn about the language of illustrated text, create your own avatar, and write a comic to spur dialogue and discussion.
Presenter: Rachel Branham

The Amazing Flexagon: Magic With Art and Math
Middle Level
Discover the magic of the flexagon, a polygon that flexes to reveal unseen surfaces with kaleidoscopically shifting designs. Combine art and math as you construct and design your own flexagons.
Presenter: Phyllis Brown

Fabric Design and Textile Art
Utilize printmaking and other mixed media techniques within an art career based unit. Use monoprinting with gelli plates/block printing to create a design which will be repeated on a piece of fabric with inks/paints.The finished fabric can be used within a textile artwork, tapestry, or soft sculpture.
Presenter: Cayce Davenport

Learn the Ancient Peruvian Clay Coil-Building Technique
Global Connections
Make a clay coil vessel using traditional hand-building pottery techniques used in the Andes mountain Village of Raqchi, Peru. This ancient building process will facilitate your construction of a perfectly cylindrical bulbous form without the use of an electric wheel.
Presenter: Terry deBardelaben

Alphabet Plastique: A Unit Integrating Art and Math
Participants will be guided through the steps and hands-on process of completing a work of collage art using the Alphabet Plastique series of paintings as a foundation for ideas. Use of graphic organizers and tools, such as a ruler and compass, will be incorporated to construct the “blueprint” of the overall design and needed templates of geometric shapes for a final collage.
Presenter: Christine Donnelly

Cyanotypes—Merging Old and New Technologies
A hands-on, jam-packed workshop merging old and new photographic technologies for classrooms withOUT a darkroom. Participants will come away with a project that provides students with an immediate sense of accomplishment. Workshop participants will first learn how to prepare a cyanotype surface, then how to create a print using a negative created from either a digital image or from found objects.
Presenter: Sarah Dugan

Beyond Words: Art and Words Entertwined
Middle Level
Change your thinking about books by creating an altered book page incorporating words and images using a variety of provided materials. Adaptable to all learning levels.
Presenters: Penelope Venola, Kathleen Rogers

Kid Friendly Faux-Batik Silk Painting
Pre-K-16 Collaborations
Create a faux-batik silk painting while learning best practices. Experience the same processes and techniques used by third graders at the Center for Inquiry for creating gorgeous silk paintings utilizing science and visual arts standards.The lesson demonstrates best practices between professional artist and art educator.
Presenters: Rebecca Watkins, Kara Gunter

Connections Between Positive/Negative Space Notan and Block Printing
Global Connections
Explore Japanese paper cutting techniques of Notan and experiment with Notan, positive and negative space, and linoleum printmaking. Learn how the use of positive and negative space in Notan can lead to linoleum block printing. Participants will make linoleum prints to investigate more deeply the ways negative and positive space in composition can relate to Notan.
Presenter: Mara Wilson

Thursday, March 2
4:00 – 5:50 pm
Ticket price for each workshop: $39 | Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

Creativity Within the Pages
Middle Level
Explore and create a recycled book sculpture in this hands-on experience as you actively engage to rip, cut, coil, twist, shred, and create a successful sculpture.
Presenter: Katrina Bullington

Marbleizing Manhattan
Middle Level
Learn the art of paper marbleizing from a teacher who has studied in Italy and Turkey. After creating as an artist, explore modifications that make the medium manageable in the classroom. All participants will create 3-5 sheets of one-of-a-kind paper and use (dry) teacher-created paper to create 2 projects. Suitable for elementary, middle, and high school.
Presenter: Aimee Burgamy

Yes, You Can Paper Maché!
Create fun and economical 3-D art with paper maché. Paper maché is a very affordable medium that kids love. Learn how to make this medium a "do" in your class. Each person will leave with the confidence and knowledge to teach paper maché in their own class!
Presenters: Sarah Burns, Callie Slider, Amanda Mamula

Low Tech Printmaking
This workshop explores a variety of basic low tech printmaking methods (monoprinting, relief printing, and more) which can be altered to suit the needs of your classroom and students. Participants will explore each of these methods during the class.
Presenter: Cosima Storz

LUDICrous: Restoring the Role of Play
Curriculum Design
How playful is your teaching? Interweave artmaking, movement, and writing to explore the spectrum of play-based learning. Apply your play history to support play-based learning in your teaching practice.
Presenter: Nicole Sumner

From Smartphones To Cyanotypes, Creating Alternative Photography Utilizing Personal Electronic Devices
Media Arts
Come explore mixed-media alternative photography adaptable for all grades. Safely and creatively explore mixed media alternative photography processes that can be adapted from elementary to high school level, using photographs taken on cellphones, tablets, and other personal electronic devices with a combination of historical photographic processes. Safety, creativity, and lesson ideas will be discussed.
Presenter: Amy Utzig

Friday, March 3
11:00 am – 12:50 pm
Ticket price for each workshop: $39 | Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

Creating and Publishing Collaborative Comics
Curriculum Design
Explore Pop Culture Classroom’s “Storytelling Through Comics” curriculum and FableVision’s “My Awesome Publishing Company." Participants will create and produce collaborative stories and comics. By blending these two powerful resources, participants will focus on how to apply, produce, and publish collaboratively created comics in their common core art studio classes.
Presenters: Debbie Supplitt, Illya Kowalchuk

Printmaking Slam: Beyond the Singular
Instructional Practice
Are you new to printmaking or interested in taking your own print process to the next level? Investigate, make, and exchange prints using versatile and accessible printmaking techniques. Analyze classroom examples and applications for multiple grade levels. Leave with examples and fresh ideas for the collaborative possibilities of printmaking.
Presenters: Nicole Caracciolo, David Love, Amy Jared, Wendy Osterweil

Magnanimous Muppets for Social Justice
Middle Level
Explore avenues for social change using dynamic Henson-style puppets. Design and build your own puppet and discover how puppeteers can promote literacy and be advocates for social change.
Presenters: Lisa Carlson, Hiba Mohammed

Create Like a Kid Again!
Instructional Practice
This highly interactive, nurturing, and very creative session of artmaking will circle you back to those wonderful days of youth—lots of laughter guaranteed! Participants will work on a series of drawings, paintings, and mixed-media pieces while experimenting with traditional and non-traditional materials such as charcoal combined with ink or watercolor, outside-the-box crayon drawings, fat marker (no pencil/erasing) drawings, and printmaking.
Presenters: Karen Carrie, Heather Soodak

Rachel Ruysch: Symbolic Details: Still Life Flowers in 3-D
Museum Education
Capture the details of Rachel Ruysche's florals through this informative hands-on floral sculpture workshop. Stretch your materials budget by learning techniques for working with Crayola's Model Magic!
Presenter: Rogelio Casas

Germinating a Grassroots Movement: Pottery to Fire Social Activism
for Childhood Cancer

Learn to organize an exciting pottery-making event that inspires students to make a personal difference in the lives of children with cancer. Participants will create and paint their own “pots of gold” from handbuilt or wheel-thrown self-hardening clay.
Presenter: Lisa Sitz

Think-Make-Share: Building Community Identity Through Design
Community Arts Caucus Issues Group
Through Think-Make-Share, experience a fast-paced design project you can replicate or customize for your own classroom or community. Working in teams, design and prototype a welcoming environment for diverse communities.
Presenters: Helen Slade, Rashmi Ramaswamy, Mike Newman

Let Printmaking Bring CHANGE to Your Classroom!
Come experience how you can bring real change to your classroom through printmaking processes! Lino, plexiglass etching, Ukiyo-e relief prints, Gyotaku fish prints, and Gelli prints will be presented in stations where each participant will experiment.
Presenters: Kim Soule, Jennifer Sims, Missi Carini, Katrina Bullington

PaperClay Verses Traditional Clay: The Challenge of Change
Instructional Practice
PaperClay is eco-friendly because it incorporates recycled paper, and is often fired only once or not at all. PaperClay building techniques will include how to build with dry-to-dry, dry-to-wet, and wet-to-wet with PaperClay. Learn the history, building techniques, and sustainability of PaperClay. Using personal semiotics, participants will create their vision of a PaperClay house/structure.
Presenter: Joyce Centofanti

Contemporary Art as Inspiration
Participants will look at and discuss artworks by contemporary artists in order to understand the societal, cultural, and historical context. Attendees will then create meaningful artworks using their personal experiences and illustrate their knowledge of materials and techniques.
Presenter: Debra Cleary

Creating A Paper Stop Animation Easily With PhotoBooth and i-Movie
Middle Level
Want to engage your students with multidisciplinary technology in art? Come learn how to make paper stop animations using a photo program and i-Movie!
Presenter: Kat Corrigan 

Friday, March 3
4:30 – 6:20 pm
Ticket price for each workshop: $39 | Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

Kingdom Animalia: Animals in Folk and Indigenous Art
Create three-dimensional paper masks using real and imagined animal forms and learn about the role of animals in decorative, theatrical, religious, folk, and indigenous art forms. These masks will be decorative and in the imaginary realm, focusing on pattern and color.
Presenters: Patricia Belleville, Elizabeth Anderson, Tara Starling

Connect Digital With Traditional Through Pronto Plate Lithography
Instructional Practice
Connect technology, art, and inquiry. Pronto Plates are lithographic plates that can be imaged with a laser printer and further manipulated with a variety of materials such as Sharpies and ballpoint pens before rolling them up with ink and running them through a press. Come create an edition of prints.
Presenters: Maggie Carberry Pasquan, Katie Thurston

The 7 Sacred Virtues: Mixed-Media Abstract Collaboration Art Workshop
Instructional Practice
Whether you’re an abstract painter or not, there is a structure you can implement in order to engage students in the process of drawing and creating a collaborative, abstract work of mixed-media art. Learn how to lead your students through this engaging and extremely fun hands-on mixed-media collaboration abstract art workshop using 7 Sacred Virtues as tantalizing prompts.
Presenters: Michael Bell, David Modler

Affordable Art Bots
Participants will build an art bot that wobbles and spins across a piece of paper leaving a drawing in its path. The process of building the bot will show participants that iterating, making changes, and experimenting with the design in a deliberate way provide a rich experience, and in turn, they will be able to provide their students with the same.
Presenter: Leslie Gould

Channeling Spirit Through Pattern-Making, Drawing, and Painting: Conversation and Practice
Caucus on the Spiritual in Art Education Issues Group
Recharge and restore yourself with pattern-making, drawing, and/or watercolor painting as you sample three age-adaptable activities. Reflect on the big picture of why we make—and need—art!
Presenter: Edith Pucci Couchman

Map It! Integrating Visual Art and Social Studies
Arts Integration
Maps naturally lend themselves to artistic expression, in that they include many elements and principles of design such as line, shape, and color. Maps also contain symbols, foster an understanding of spatial relationships, and ignite critical thinking skills, as well. Participants will create their own abstract map painting.
Presenter: Andrea Elliott

Friday, March 3
7:00 – 8:50 pm
Ticket price for each workshop: $39 | Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

Variations on a Theme Mixed-Media Abstract Design
Visual arts students integrate studies to create dynamic artworks for an original exhibition that demonstrates influences among the arts and informs in-depth connections with Kandinsky, abstract art, history, and culture. Participants will create an abstract, mixed-media artwork featuring pattern variations by spontaneously drawing lines that construct shapes and will further develop the work by adding three repetitive, distinctive designs.
Presenters: Glenda Folk, Trisha Folk

Unfolding Who I Am By Art Standards
Arts Integration
A presentation of several simple bookmaking techniques used within a commemorative method to display one’s concept of one’s beliefs of what peace is, vs. what peace is not, within their lives by defining who they are.
Presenter: Donna Frustere

Cyanotypes and Solargraphs
Expose the cyanotype and solargraph process through altered media and unconventional photography. Explore the exposure and fixing process of cyanotypes on fabric and multiple ways to adapt this process to more specific curriculum. Participants will also build a small pinhole camera to capture a solargraph—an image that captures the paths of the sun.
Presenters: Jessica Garrick, Ben Chickadel

Re-Imagining Social Inclusion Through Story Telling
This workshop presents participants an opportunity to reflect on their experiences of discrimination, and  re-imagine possibilities of social inclusion through an artistic storytelling exercise where participants will create their own storyboard.
Presenters: Layal Shuman, Shauna Rak, Abigail Shabtay

Botanical Tangles
Arts Integration
Grow an organic tangle garden by learning curvy, freeform patterns. Drawing will be done on tan paper with black micron pens. Shading will be done with ebony pencil as well as charcoal pencil and highlighted with white gel pen for extra dimension. Participants will learn to make their own blending stump (tortillion).
Presenter: Pamela Signorelli

Seeing in Slow Motion: An Approach to Gesture Drawing
Instructional Practice
A workshop demonstrating the importance of costumed gesture drawing as a vehicle for improving drawing skills, and its applications in many other classroom projects and activities. Using crayon, conte, charcoal, and newsprint paper, participants will experience quick drawing methods and exercises focusing on shape, direction, space, perspective, and proportion.
Presenter: Vincent Siracusano

Saturday, March 4
11:00 am – 12:50 pm
Ticket price for each workshop: $39 | Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

Evolving Art: Teaching an Art Process With Multiple Stages
Participants create original artwork as they respond to artistic traditions. They layer techniques of marbling, creating stamps from nature, printing them, adding an atmospheric monoprint, and enhancing the finished product with markers.
Presenters: Marcia Greenwood, Aianna Zachary

When’s the Last Time You Drew a Realistic Still Life?
Instructional Practice
Take time to draw a simple still life using time-tested drawing fundamentals used by the Old Masters. See what notional space, blocking-in, and follow-through lines are.
Presenter: Camilla Haneberg

Folk Art: Tibetan Amulets, Bolivian Alpaca Sculptures, Chilean Arpilleras
Global Connections
Participants will make and take Tibetan Amulets made from matchboxes and polymer clay; Bolivian Alpaca sculptures made with real wool, Sculpey, wire, and foil armatures; and a new twist on Chilean arpilleras using fabric mounted on wood. Art and culture will collide in a lively sensory experience! Art educators will leave inspired!
Presenters: Trina Harlow, Beth McKinzie

Learning Color Strategies: Eugene Chevreul’s Harmonic Hue Relationships and Johannes Itten’s Seven Color Contrasts
Instructional Practice
This workshop will present a variety of visual art experiences related to teaching color theory, and stimulate complex thinking about the use of color and pattern in your classroom. Participants will then identify color patterns and motif’s using bi-lateral and glide symmetry, and develop their own patterns employing a learned selected color harmony or contrast and create original works of art of their own using a variety of art media.
Presenters: James Henry, Edna McMillan

Making a Global Connection: Warli Art of India
Global Connections
Learn how to make Warli art using cloth and paint. A piece of 6" x 6" cloth will be coated on one side with brown acrylic paint. Using white acrylic paint and small brushes, you will create a piece of art using Warli symbols on the cloth. This inexpensive project will explore connections with geography and history.
Presenter: MJ Hoffman

Mobiles: Discover Balance and Connection by Making Moving Works of Art
Middle Level
This interactive workshop showcases how the creating and presenting of mobiles offers unique opportunities for group and individual problem solving as well as rich metaphorical thinking. Participants work individually on mobiles using more advanced materials (card stock, annealed wire) to explore wire bending, balance, and composition.
Presenters: Kevin Reese, Nanna Tanier

Steampunk Entomology Sculpture
Participants will experience a combination of “steampunk” and entomology by creating a futuristic, robotic insect that appears to be powered by gears and mechanicals. This art project is cross curricular and integrates literature, science, and social studies. Participants must bring a laptop or iPad to work on during this workshop.
Presenter: Michele Rodich

Tag It: A Graffiti Art Story
Instructional Practice
Participants will explore and create with a variety of techniques and materials while learning how to craft two- and three-dimensional graffiti art inspired self-portraits.
Presenters: Nicole Roth, Deborah Huff

Me-Shirt: Exploring My Changing Identities
Multimodal experiences are challenging for youth. This workshop explores Native American artists as agents of change. Participates will explore and create cultural, personal, and social symbols on a personalized me-shirt using unique stenciling and reverse tie-dying techniques. Participates should bring one or more solid colored t-shirts.
Presenter: Lori Santos

Exploring Innovation Through Space
Design Issues Group
Participants will be able to dive into the process of design thinking and spatial design by working on a small scale to explore materiality and innovative thinking. Participants will be asked to create their ideal classroom at a tiny scale, using a wealth of materials (chipboard, acrylic, X-Actos, fabric swatches). Discussion will focus on space curation, lighting, and what space can do to foster creativity instead of inhibit it.
Presenter: Natasha Seng

Bonding Art and Science on a Molecular Level: Artful Chemistry Lessons
This workshop is for educators interested in teaching children about molecular bonds through the process of dying textiles. Each participant will create dyes, and artistically dye a fabric item.
Presenter: Abigail Shabtay

Saturday, March 4
1:30 – 3:20 pm
Ticket price for each workshop: $39 | Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

NCTA Alums Share Innovative Approaches to Teaching East Asian Art
Global Connections
Three award-winning teachers and NCTA alumnae will lead several innovative studio projects to help teachers introduce or revive their teaching on China, Korea, and Japan.
Presenters: Stacey Gross, Lisa Hirkaler, Pearl Lau

Priming the Pump: Creative Kick-Starters
Instructional Practice
Using simple and fun activities and a few basic materials, this workshop focuses on engaging students in unique ways to generate original solutions to various artistic problems. Participants will draw, paint, and write in response to various art games, drawing jams, design challenges, and prompts, and they will reflect on how these strategies can be used as entry points into the creative process in order for students to make richer, more authentic work. Leave with practical creative games, challenges, and prompts to share with your students.
Presenters: Eric Scott, David Modler, Samuel Peck

STEAM Powered: Collaborative Kinetic Sculptures Using Littlebits
Connect visual art and STEM using Littlebits electronics to power thematic kinetic sculptures in this hands-on session. Get tips, resources, and STEAM lesson ideas to engage elementary students.
Presenters: Jessica Holloway, Eric Landgraf

Teaching and Learning Traditional Chinese Hand Fan With Creative Design
Curriculum Design
This workshop is for K-12 teachers who are planning to integrate Chinese hand fan design into their art lessons. Come and design your own bamboo hand fan on a fan-shaped rice paper.
Presenter: Kevin Hsieh

A Self-Portrait in Texts: An English and Art Project
Arts Integration
Participants will create a self-portrait based on their own writing, creating a meaningful project that teachers can use with their own students. Participants will use ink, collage, and found objects while discussing what has worked well and what hasn't in the past.
Presenter: Lisa Jacobson

Design Challenge Throwdown
Instructional Practice
The design challenge is intended to be short project opportunities that promote creativity and encourage risk taking through art production. How can you promote creativity and encourage risk taking in the art classroom? Participants will work with a partner to create a wearable/sculptural, runway-ready, avant-garde outfit.
Presenters: Donna Jones, Dorsey Sammataro

Solve ALL Your Problems… With Collaborative Drawing
Arts Integration
Pick a problem—any problem. Use drawing (solo, and in a group) as a cognitive tool to define it and to visualize solutions. Participants will invent visual analogies that they can play with and reconfigure to visualize solutions to a range of concrete and abstract problems.
Presenter: Andrea Kantrowitz

Repurposing Books on a Visual Journey
Participants will learn how to repurpose old books as they travel on a visual art journey to reflect their own personalities through the use of journal prompts in an old book. They will be able to add color, mixed media, and creativity into each page.
Presenter: Carla Nations

Felting Needle and Wet
Learn two exciting, old world, craft wool felting techniques—wet and needle felting. Colorful fleece over soap and poking fleece onto fabric will surely delight all ages.
Presenter: Jean O'Connor

Memory Drawing Book: Create Confidence and Build Visual Recall Skills
Build visual recall skills and boost student confidence using this memory drawing lesson. Create a handmade book of how drawings develop over time.
Presenter: Kathleen O'Reilly

Cray-Pen and Math Less Matting: Embrace the Challenge of Change
Learn to use two new and exciting tools—the Cray-Pen and Math less Matting (M<M). The challenge is to blend and create oil-like paintings or layer colors to get the translucence of watercolors. After completing your work of art you will learn to custom mat in minutes with the new easy-to-use and awesome Math less Matting tool! It’s hands-on and guaranteed a blast!
Presenters: Sondra Palmer, Florence Barnett, Virginia McCullough

Saturday, March 4
4:00 – 5:50 pm
Ticket price for each workshop: $39 | Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

Weaving with Looms made of Recycled Materials
Global Connections
Participants will create their own simple loom using recycled cardboard and will weave a small wall hanging. Yarn, straw, ribbon, scarves, and other recycled materials will be used for the weavings. Participants are encouraged to bring materials that they might want to include in their work.
Presenters: Lisa Kaplan, Jackie Cruz, Anu Sieunarine

Making Art with Michael Albert
Inspired by Albert’s "Cerealism" series of work, participants will make an original collage out of consumer packaging.
Presenters: Jeannine Kocher, Michael Albert

Celebrate Buddha's Birthday by Creating a Korean Lotus Lantern
Middle Level
Explore the cultural connections of the Lotus Lantern Festival of Korea, a traditional festival that began centuries ago during the Goryeo Dynasty, when Buddhism reached its zenith as ancient Korea’s state religion. Learn how to create your own traditional Korean lotus lantern with brilliant, handcrafted paper that can only be purchased from Korea. Small tea candles will be placed inside and a ribbon tag will be hung from the bottom of the lantern with the wish, or a hope, that you carry in your heart.
Presenters: Susan Kopecki, Maria Avery

See, Hear, Move, Create! With American Art
Instructional Practice
Build artistic and visual literacy using multi-sensory interpretation to deepen understanding of art elements with student-centered methods easily adapted to other works of art. Create an abstract mixed-media cityscape.
Presenter: Noel Bella Merriam

Beyond Bubble Wrap! The Gelatin Plate as a Significant Art Teaching Tool
Instructional Practice
Discover extraordinary potential for gelatin printmaking as an accessible, versatile tool for meaningful curriculum with early to advanced learners. Learn techniques through guided exploration.
Presenters: Amy Nack, Kathleen Keys, Ruth Piispanen

Studio to School: Utilizing Collaboration to Enrich Instructional Practice
Instructional Practice
Participants will be paired with a partner. Both will learn to draw a portrait of their partner on acetate while using plexiglass as an easel that is held by their partner in front of their face. Conversations will center around instructor collaboration, student engagement, and studio habits of mind.
Presenters: Madelaine McGrath, Shelley Toon Lindberg

Saturday, March 4
6:30 – 8:20 pm
Ticket price for each workshop: $39 | Maximum number of participants for each workshop: 20

Experience a Makerspace: Makerspace-in-a-Box!
Experience this Makerspace-in-a-Box concept and explore sample makerspace boxes! Using the resources and materials in each box, discover how each box’s challenge connects digital age skills, STEAM, and Arts standards. Participants will rotate through four “centers” to create a musical interface with MaKey MaKey, make a felt bracelet illuminated with light emitting diodes (LEDs), experience basic coding using Turtle Art open-source software, and design an interactive greeting card or story using copper tape and LEDs.
Presenters: Barbara Liedahl, Elizabeth Stuart, Susan Brown

Making Visual Art Integration Meaningful
Arts Integration
K-12 art teachers will develop teaching and assessment strategies for meaningful art integration  that honors artistic growth while expanding interest, curiosity, and knowledge in social studies/history. Participants will construct a three-dimensional prototype of a project that would engage the K-12 students they teach in meaningful integration of art and social studies/history.
Presenters: Linda Louis, Maria Richa

Make an Interactive Painting With Conductive Paint, LEDs, and Makey Makeys
An interactive workshop designed by professors and preservice students where teachers work across different STEAM domains in order to create an interactive painting using conductive paint, LEDs, and Makey Makeys.
Presenters: Cindy Maguire, Lisa Pastore, Rob McCallum, Cassidy Del Orfano

Wild Beasts Surfing
Arts Integration
Paint like the Fauves! Explore ideas and paint your very own pastel Fauve! All participants will need a laptop or venue to upload the free Dreamscope and Pixlr programs and to access a digital image of a person or animal to paint.
Presenters: Tina Martin, Sandra Snyder, Lesley Etherson

The Geometry in Islamic Tile Designs
Arts Integration
Participants will be guided through the process of creating geometric tile designs inspired by Islamic art and architecture. Using only a compass and straightedge, this lesson combines math, social studies, and visual arts for a truly integrated experience.
Presenter: Katherine McKie

Pop-Up Art: Changing Places, Changing Spaces
Museum Education
Learn about pop-up art: free, drop-in, art encounters that change themes and locations to activate space and change perceptions of the museum experience. Participants rotate through three pop-up art stations, experimenting with materials to create found object weavings, pipe-cleaner portraits, and reflective surfaces. Participants will leave with three completed artworks.
Presenters: Laura McManus, Amy Keenan-Amago

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